We all have those small areas in our homes that need a little extra TLC. Check out these tips to bring back purpose to the small spaces in your home!


Less Furniture

Often times furniture can be bulky and take up a lot of floor space which makes the room feel cramped. For a home office, consider only having a chair, desk, and maybe an end table. You should be able to walk into the room without needing to side step around objects.


Utilize Wall Space

Floating shelves are great alternatives to bookshelves! Not only will the draw the eyes up, but they will also give the impression of more space and free up floor space.


Find Extra Storage

Hang shelving units on the back of doors, use command strips to attach folder boxes to the side of your desk, and even put a storage box underneath your end table. Wall cabinets are also great spots to store small knick knacks.


Less is More

Take the opportunity of using a small space as a chance to declutter. Evaluate what you absolutely need in your space and let the rest go. Donate the excess furniture, have a garage sale, simplify your life with less objects.


Do you have any small spaces in your home that need a little extra attention? Let me know if you tried any of these methods!