Kitchen renovations are almost a sure way to increase your Corsicana’s home value…if completed correctly, that is. I recommend talking to a professional prior to starting your remodel; however, here’s a list of renovation fails you’ll want to avoid:


Overspending on Cabinets and Appliances

Before buying a brand new, latest edition, appliance, do a little more research. There are many more alternatives which perform the same job to the same ability and don’t cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Renovations are meant to increase your ROI so make sure you’re not going broke in the process.


Installing Flooring First

Think about it this way: Where does all of the dust, paint, and scraps fall from renovations? The floor. This is precisely why we encourage people to make flooring that last installation. You don’t want to ruin your brand new floors with dents or scratches from other objects going into your new kitchen.


Failing to Measure

Measurements are crucial. Make sure you have purchased new appliances first and have included their measurements when planning for the cabinets and countertops. If you are unsure of how to measure properly, don’t hesitate to call up a professional!


Keeping the Remodel From Your Insurance Agent

With remodels, it’s important to keep your insurance company in the loop of what you’re doing in order to make sure everything is insured. If you’re adding on more square footage to your kitchen or if you’re upgrading appliances, give your insurance agent a call to make sure everything is covered in your plan. 


Are you remodeling your kitchen this summer? I’d love to hear what you’re updating or what you’re looking for in an updated kitchen!