Moving Musts: Tips for your Move in Navarro County! 


Moving is an exciting time for you and your family! Just the act of packing up and moving into a new space, whether it’s across the country or across town, adds a spark of excitement. The same space can start to feel stale because perhaps you’ve outgrown it with family size or in what you want out of a home. Whatever your reasons for moving, it also sometimes becomes overwhelming without the right level of organization and effort to make it go smoothly. Here are a few tips to streamline those efforts. 

Declutter first 

Don’t wait until it’s a week before the move to frantically pack everything and anything in your home. You run the risk of breaking items, haphazardly packing so you have trouble finding things, and also packing items you simply don’t want anymore. Take time a few weeks out to declutter your home of things you don’t use and can donate or throw away. Then, when you get to your new space, you’ll have less to unpack and only the items you truly want and use get put out around the house! 

Pack smartly

There are a couple tips to help you pack smarter during this move. Buy or find stackable boxes that will easily fit on top of one another in a moving truck. It’s hard on whoever is doing the loading of the truck to have to play tetras and move things over and over to make it work. 

Steer clear of large boxes unless it’s for lighter items such as bedding or towels. Stick to smaller ones so as not to get to heavy and impractical to lift. 

Pack by room and label well. Don’t run around distractedly packing whatever you find. Start in one room and pack each box with like items and only from that space. Then label specifically like, “kitchen glassware” or “master bedroom linens”.  

Leave out anything you’ll need right away in the new home to pack last. That way, those crucial items go on the truck last and can come out first. Think about things like paper plates, toilet paper, trash bags, cleaning supplies and sheets and towels. Those items will be lifesavers when you first get to the new, but completely empty, place and are exhausted already. 

Unpack by room as well. Take it in steps so as not to get overwhelmed and do a rushed job of setting up a room. Block out a living room weekend or a master bedroom day. When you unpack the truck, put the boxes in the appropriate rooms but don’t feel as though you have to tackle it all in one weekend. Take your time to lay out each room the way you truly want and unpack intentionally. 


What other tips and hacks have you found in past moves that make moving day go smoother and the whole transition easier?