Secrets to Success when Selling your Navarro County Home!


Getting ready to put your house on the market here as summer winds down? There’s a lot to consider when thinking about selling and what all that entails. What real estate agent do you go with? What repairs or renovations do you tackle first and what do you leave as is? How do you market the home properly and what price is a smart choice? All these questions and more must be answered before you list the home. Here’s some advice to help you while you navigate all these questions. 

Refresh the curb appeal.

Making sure the first impression of your home is pristine will help the value go up and also help buyers be instantly interested. Think about things like your mailbox, the shrubbery and plants in the front yard, if shutters need to be cleaned up, or if the outside of the home needs to be pressure-washed. Hang new house numbers if yours are dim or old. Essentially, make the exterior sparkle and draw buyers in so they want to see more. 

Stage the home to reflect layout and design.

If you have kids toys and paperwork sprawled out on the dining room table, and the guest room is a catch all for anything random without a home, consider staging. You want buyers to envision themselves living in the home and using each room. It can help to cultivate a feeling of purpose in each space. Keep the dining room, the dining room! And the guest room shouldn’t have a treadmill next to an old stroller and the bed piled high with extra clothes. Make each space clean, crisp and inviting! 

Tackle projects that will go the farthest in selling. 

Think about renovations like reglazing outdated (or plain ugly) tile in a bathroom, or putting new cabinets up in the kitchen. These projects go a long way in upping the value of your home and adding much needed appeal for buyers to make the leap. Pink or green tile in the bathroom is an instant (and fairly substantial) turn off. Typically, bathrooms and kitchens are the places to really spend any renovation budget you have. 

Spend time on personal touches.

Buyers love when you as a seller go the extra mile. It shows you’ve tried and put the effort in. What about a framed welcome sign or short letter describing the history of the home or special moments your family has shared in the house? You can put the framed note out at open houses for buyers to read. Leave notecards or pamphlets detailing some of the neighborhood amenities or attractions nearby. Give a brief description of the ambiance and vibe of the neighborhood, highlighting positive quirks the buyers won’t see on the listing. 

List anything extra or out of the box.

Don’t forget to put the motion detecting outdoor lights on the listing. Or what about the camera doorbell or automatic garage door? Putting the bells and whistles might seem excessive to you. However, buyers will perk up at the mention of these luxuries and it might mean the difference of a potential buyer coming to an open house or not. 


Keep these tips in mind when getting ready to list your home in Corsicana!